Part of your life
The Sons of Light breakfast and prayer session is an informal occasion so don’t worry if you didn’t bring along your Sunday best.

Just come as you are and bring along an open mind, a receptive heart and of course, your appetite because what Jesus cares about most is that you make Him part of your life.

Sons Of Light

Directors and Officers

Alan Allbert
President / Treasurer George Easzol   Chairman Board of Directors
John Hawthorne
Tim Winters

Vice Presidents
Nina Allbert
Secretary /
Secretary to the board
Cathy Easzol
Crystal Winters


Please mail donations to:
Sons of Light
P.O. Box 518
Elk Park, NC 28622

published Juli 9, 2018

Sons of Light is made up of individuals from many walks of life including those of the biker world. Our ministry takes us to Sturgis, Cherokee and the Daytona rallies.

Nina and AlWe set up in campgrounds and provide a free pancake breakfast every morning. We are all volunteers in this ministry as no one draws a salary. All monies are used to purchase supplies and gasoline for our trips. We are a 501C3 non-profit organization with a board of directors.

weddingDuring the rallies we provide, in addition to food, Christian counseling, and humanitarian support.

We delight in performing baptisms and marriages as well.

Presentations as an introduction to the SOL Ministry
Convention Booths/ Workshops
Sunday School Classes and Speakers