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Aug 3th - 12th
78th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis, South Dakota
The Buffalo Chip Campground, The Church at the Chip
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The Sons of Light breakfast and prayer session is an informal occasion so don’t worry if you didn’t bring along your Sunday best.

Just come as you are and bring along an open mind, a receptive heart and of course, your appetite because what Jesus cares about most is that you make Him part of your life.

Sons Of Light

published Juli 9, 2018

"Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters"

As we are driving home, I wanted to post all of the things we have to be thankful and praise God for this week.

Number one has to be that Tommy a part of our ministry team, walked away with only stitches, a fractured wrist, road rash and a concussion from the most bizarre motorcycle accident !
2) for the young man who stayed for our church service and told me he had not been to church I. Years and was sure glad he stayed
3) the man who stayed with us all one morning talking and asking Tim to pray with him as he struggled and grieved. This man came back the next day to thank us and tell us that this day was much better.
4) for all of our ministry team and their wide assortment of skills that God sends us, as He knows exactly what will be needed.
5) our sponsoring churches, without their support and prayer Sturgis would not be possible.
6) the volunteers who show up and ask if they can help and are willing to do whatever needs doing.

Thank you Lord, for all you have given us, may our labors be pleasing in your sight.

"In Christ's Love", Sons of Light Biker Ministry, Al and Nina